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Technology: Silica Sol Investment Casting
Certificate: ISO9001;CE/PED;IATF16949,RoHS
Size: Customizalbe
Transport: By sea or by air or DHL/Fedex,etc

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Product Name
Heat treatment equipment parts
Main Process
silica sol Investment casting+machining
carbon steel,low alloy steel,stainless steel,duplex stainless steel,heat-resistant steel ,tool steel,copper alloy,aluminium alloy,nickel base alloy, cobalt-base alloy
Investment casting,lost wax casting,precision forging, machining, Sand casting, die casting, and Stamping
Casting tolerance
VDG P690 D2
Casting surface roughness
Casting weight range
Weight range: >0.001kg
Casting Size
≤1200mm×800mm×400mm OR 1000mm*ø700mm
Machining Precision
Positioning accuracy 0.008mm, Rep. position. accuracy 0.006mm
Minimum Wall thickness
2021220Dongying Highyond investment casting Co., Ltd. is located in Dongying City, Shandong Province, with 210 employees and monthly production capacity of 120 tons.

Highyond integrates making, casting, processing and surface treatment, providing oneshop service for customers. The colloidal silica shell precision casting process ensures product quality to the greatest extent. At present, Highyond can produce various products made of stainless steel, heat resistant steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel, high-temperature alloy, non ferrous   alloy, etc.   Our products are widely applied to auto spare parts, pump parts, pipe tube parts, marine hardware, building hardware, hardware tool, metering device, food machinery, heat treatment equipment, hydraulic pressure, kitchenware, high-speed rail parts, etc.

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