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New Year Celebration Held

Issuing time:2020-01-18 11:52

Saying goodbye to the unforgettable 2019, Highyond stepped into the year of 2020. On January 16, 2020, the "2019 year-end meeting and 2020 new year celebrating party" of Dongying Highyond Investment Casting Co., LTD was held in the activity room on the second floor of Highyond factory.

The annual meeting was opened in the passionate speech of general manager Zhang. The employees expressed their love and praise for the company through ambitious, delicate and touching songs, beautiful or dynamic dance, or humorous sentences and sketches. Bursts of applause are not only praise for the performers' talent, but also congratulations to the lucky employees in the lottery.

The 2020 annual meeting enhanced the sense of belonging and achievement of employees to the company, enriched the staff's cultural and cultural life, and enhanced the overall cohesion of Highyond company.

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