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What are the main products of precision casting?

Issuing time:2021-06-23 16:13Author:Highyond

Precision casting is generally used for the production of what products?Precision casting, as an important processing method, can be said to have a good use in many industries. So in general, what parts are produced when precision casting is used?

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Investment precision casting, which is a kind of precision casting, and is used more.Its formed products, generally, only need to go through a little processing, or even no processing, can be used directly.Therefore, it can be used to make some precise and complex parts.The finished product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.In addition, for some high temperature resistance.Or not easy to process castings, it is also applicable.Precision casting can produce thin-walled parts because the mold shell is preheated at high temperature and the metal solidifies slowly.Therefore, it can be used to produce thin-walled parts.


Therefore, precision casting is generally used for the production of precision and complex parts, which is incomparable to the general casting method.

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